quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

Lack what you do

Yesterday I wanted to do a poetry
To speak of beautiful things
A poem that spoke of love
But only came fantasies.
Where are the beautiful things?
All that can brighten our eyes?
All that can brighten our souls?
Is that beauty does not exist anymore?
Then I remembered, perhaps I
You can not see the beautiful
Maybe it's your fault that does not allow
Let me soul rejoice
And she saddly can not see beauty
Hou long wil it stay that way
Without seeing the colors that the world has?
If you never come back
Wat a sad world is mine
Always in black an white.

Tribute to those who speak this language
and alwais visit this blog

Homenagem àqueles que falam este
idioma e sempre visitam este blog.

José João

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